Dishwasher Repair

dishwasher repair

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Call Weatherford Appliance Repairif your dishwasher breaks down. You do not have to wash dishes by hand or let the dirty dishes stack up in the sink. We will come to fix your problem on the same day that you call. We are your local dishwasher repair service and take pride in taking care of the service needs of the residents of Weatherford.

We have experienced repairmen who are trained to diagnose and repair all common dishwasher problems. Our vans are always stocked with the manufacturer parts and tools needed for repair of all major brands. We know it is a real problem when your dishwasher breaks down. Call us to get it fixed today!



We troubleshoot and repair all sorts of dishwasher problems. The most common is a loud noise coming from the appliance. You need to fix the problem because the loud noise means that a part is going to break and your dishwasher will not work at all! Loud dishwasher noises are usually caused by a broken pump housing, motor bushing, or washer arm bearing. We carry the parts and tools to fix these issues before they get worse and cause even more problems!


Your dishwasher leaks water for either of two reasons. The first is that there is a problem with the door latch or door closure and a part will have to be replaced. The second problem is when the water inlet valve fails. Both problems can be repaired quickly on a single service call. We carry the parts to fix leaks on Kenmore, GE, Whirlpool, and all major brands of dishwashers.


When your dishwasher or any appliance won’t start, make sure it is plugged in and that the circuit breaker has not flipped to off. Broken door latch switches, electronic controls, motor relays or thermal fuses are the usual culprits in this case. Call us for same-day repairs on all major brands.


The dishwasher fills with water to wash the dishes and drains the water after the dishes are clean and before drying. A broken door switch, water inlet valve, or float is the reason your dishwasher will not fill. If it does not drain, the issue is a broken drain hose or drain pump motor. We can fix these problems on a same-day service call.


If you have a broken water tube, housing gasket, or filter or spray arm your dishwasher will not get the dishes clean. Call us at Weatherford Appliance Repair to fix the problem the same day that you call. We carry all of the necessary parts and tools to do this job on the spot.


A broken heating element, thermostat, or rinse aid dispenser is why the dishes don’t get dry. We will diagnose and repair the problem on a short service call. Don’t start drying dishes by hand. Call us for same-day repairs.


Your dishwasher needs the wax motor, timer, and bi-metal release to work in order to properly dispense detergent and wash the dishes. When any of these is not working correctly, you will have dirty dishes at the end of the cycle. Call us for same-day repairs.